Happy Birthday to my first love!

My first born is slowly but surely growing up! It’s amazes me that he is now 15 years old and will soon be driving. OH MY!! I remember when I found out I was pregnant with him, I couldn’t believe it. I was only 14 years old, and in my mind still a virgin. I know that’s hard to believe. But his father and I had only played around, but never really had “sex” so how could have gotten pregnant! If I only knew what I know now. I was so young and so innocent.  My mother felt it was best that we terminate the pregnancy, I was a cheerleader and on the track team this would ruin my life as I knew it she felt. Little did we know I was already 7 months pregnant. YEP that is correct I had no idea I was pregnant until I was seven months. I only found out at a routine doctors appt. I had no clue! Isn’t it amazing how God works! Had we found out any sooner… I decided I would parent my child, and be the best mother I could be to him. I would finish school, I would go to college, and I would not be statistic. With the help and support of my family I was able to do just that! The first time I held him in my arms I though wow he is beautiful. Holding him, made me pro choice at the age of 15. To think that we could’ve have taken his tiny precious life. He brought me so much joy. I never really saw my son as a burden or hinderance. I remember fighting harder in college to get my own apartment so that he could come live with me! Although I didn’t plan this pregnancy he was a blessing. As I watch him grow into a man, I think wow this is my son! My handsome son. There are days he makes me so proud, and brings so much sunshine into my life, and there are days I want to strangle hold him tight! But in every essence and every day I thank God for my first born son. I thank God for allowing me to parent him, because honestly I don’t think anyone else could have done it better. I thank God for allowing me to be a testimony, and not a statistic. He turned 15 yesterday, and I was so proud to know that just 15 years ago I became his mother, and 15 years later he is a well adjusted young man that has a bright future! I feel as though everything happens for a reason and although some may judge rather than praise. I believe that my son made me grounded! That he was truly my blessing. I often say when I get to heaven I’m going to ask God, Why me? Why did I become a teenage mother, I wasn’t promiscuous, I wasn’t a wild child, I wasn’t ready to be mother. As my son turned 15 yesterday, God answered that question with a simple Why not you? Who better than you? I Love my son more than words can express. He is my pride, my joy, my first love!! 
His frist day home from the hospital! The day after my birthday! 
First day at the park! I was so young! 

He is so CUTE!! 

He was such a happy baby!

He was my co date to my junior prom! 
My Senior pictures! 


America’s next top model!
My twin
I’m so proud of him! 

growing up right before my eyes! 

1 thought on “Happy Birthday to my first love!”

  1. Wow you looked sooooooooo young!!! You were just a baby!!!! Well it is good that you went ahead and accomplished our goals! I am proud of bBoth you and Teria.

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