Happy Birthday to meeeeee! I’m thirty….. :)

I am the big 30!! Today is my birthday and I have had a whirlwind of surprises this past week! Tuesday of last week my wonderful husband woke me up at 4 am and said, “do you want to play a game” Me being the person I am thinking sure… he must have my gift hidden somewhere. Instead he says you have 30 min to pack only the necessary items like your toothbrush, lotion, underwear, etc. He gave me this little small bag to pack all my items in. I was rushing around like a mad man, I had no idea what was going on or wear we were going. Once I was done packing he said I hope you are dressed comfortably we have a 10 hour drive. I was stunned! It was the middle of the week and we were driving somewhere for 10 hours! After a literal 10 hour drive we arrived here…
Beautiful Myrtle ! I couldn’t believe it I was thrilled! You can see I had no idea, my hair wasn’t  
done or anything I threw on hat and went! We had such a great time! As we were driving he gave me my new pair of shades Burberry! Which I proudly wore! He had searched hard to find
someone to do my hair! We finally found a nice lady at diversity hair. I was scared because I am very particular about my hair and I only allow certain people to do my hair, but I decided to be a trooper and go with it. Hey it’s only hair it will grow back! So upon arrival I got my hair cut and styled. Then I went on a shopping spree! My Best friend had provided me with a card FULL of MONEY to shop with it! What an extra surprise! I was wondering why I couldn’t pack clothes! It was awesome! We went walking on the boardwalk there was amazing shops and foods! I am not your typical stay home/homeschooling mother I have a secret!!! I love tattoos and I had been wanting a special tattoo for a few years now, and so he decided I would get that done in South Carolina! I went with it, didn’t put up a fight!! 
So here I am getting my third tattoo! Yes third! Two more and I’m done! LOL We spent time on the beach relaxing and really just enjoying each other’s company! It was nice to get away just us and rekindle the love we have for each other! It so easy to forget in the midst of it all! I am so thankful for him, and all that he put into this! 
Me showing my love and appreciation for him! I was so happy, and perfectly content with the idea of celebrating my birthday a week early! On our last night there we ate at the melting pot! 
Here I am with the new hair cut, and New outfit ready for dinner! 
It didn’t end there though! On our way back home we stopped in Atlanta and had dinner with our dear friends, and headed home when we pulled into our drive way my friends from Atlanta showed up and surprised me! I couldn’t believe it! They had followed us home to spend time with me for my birthday! Still on cloud nine from my trip, shopping spree, and my surprise visit I was content! Saturday I was in for another surprise! My mother, friend, and hubby had planned a surprise party for me! 
I’m not a big party person and had expressed that I didn’t want a party for my birthday, but I must say this was a great surprise! It was a cocktail party! Everyone was dressed so nicely! We were served cocktails and appetizers by the wonderful waiter, my son! It was great I was surrounded by the people I love and hold dearly to my heart! There were some I missed and wished could be in attendance, but they were there in heart! We danced and sang the night away! It was so much fun to just let loose! 
It was a great way to ring in the big 30! I want to say thank you to my Wonderful husband, My fantastic mother, My Great friend, My Lovely Line Sisters, and My dear friends for making my day so special and so meaningful! You didn’t have to do it, but you did and that means so much to me! Without love you have nothing so today as I celebrate 30 I am thankful and I rejoice in the love that I have! I may not be a career woman or have the success in the form of what society considers success, but I am SUCCESSFUL and I am BLESSED and so to me I have EVERYTHING!! 

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