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The best way to get through something or to learn something is sometimes through the use of groups and community support. I offer groups for couples, as well as, parenting, marital, and homeschooling workshops. I also offer seminars on improving your marriage, family life, and/or personal life.  My ultimate goal is to help people get back to their happy and live life to the fullest beyond the walls. How you achieve this is up to you! If you interested in attending my next group, workshop, seminar, or would like to have me host one of these events in your location let’s chat! Head over to my contact me page…

Upcoming Groups:

Let’s talk it out

This group will be centered around LGBT issues concerning opening up to friends, family, and those around you on your sexuality. As well as, dealing with issues after opening up such as but not limited to, feelings of isolation,  rejection, condemnation, and etc. Maximum of 6 guest. Please contact me for further details or to RSVP your spot. For more information on this group click here.


struggling with quitting smoking? Although it may seem like a lonely place, you are not alone. Quits is an online community of other (ex)smokers who are jus like you trying to kick the habit. You don’t even have to leave your house to join this group, its that easy. Click here to learn more.

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