A veggie tale…

Man oh man it’s hard trying to be a vegetarian to say the least!! Our first week went really well! We had homemade bean burritos, veggie pasta, vegetable plate, and soup. However when the weekend came we went crazy! It was like we were on a fast and was released from it. Not to mention my husbands boss had a steak and lobster dinner at his house that Saturday. YUMMY!! When Monday came I was back on track, but then boom I swooshed off to Myrtle beach on Tuesday of course I was thinking about veggie’s. So now I am slowly trying to re adjust my family and get us back on track. A good note is my kids didn’t miss the meat at all, in fact they loved every single veggie dish we had! My grocery bill was about the same if not less because I didn’t purchase any mean and many of the vegetables I purchased were fresh and they last sooo much longer! I thought that without meat it would be hard to fill them up, but guest what…. vegetables are actually filling, for my family probably more filling than meat! Today it’s spaghetti with no meat and snickerdoodle cookies for desert! I will be having vegetable soup as I am on a mini diet…. no pasta for me. So just a a quick update we were knocked down, but we are not out of the game yet. We will continue to press forward in our quest to become veggie eaters!! LOL

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