Steak and Lobster

I had stated in my last blog that we went haywire on our veggie quest our first weekend in lieu of steak and lobster! I mean who can resist steak and Lobster!!! yummmy! These lobsters were HUGE.. they arrived in a cooler alive! Yes alive. This would be the first time I actually saw a lobster cooked in person.

We had the children with us so I figured hey you got to turn this into a teaching moment! So that’s what we did. I mean here I was 29 and had never seen a lobster cooked before, so how great it is that my children will get to experience this feat at their young ages! Here is Ms. Bossy and Princess being introduce to the live lobster! Bossy of course was not afraid, princess on the other hand wasn’t so sure. 
Of course Bossy had to love on the lobster and she showed such great concern for them! Big Brad was fascinated, but didn’t want to have anything to do with them! My oldest D.j gave his theory on why lobsters turn colors once they are cooked he thought it was because of the chemical reaction their skin/shells have when they hit the hot water that it causes it to turn colors. However we learned that he was “almost” right. Lobsters are naturally red, by nature but the protein they have causes them to be an array of colors, when they hit the hot water the protein leaves their body causing them to turn to their natural color red. Interesting….
It  amazed at how huge these things were! I couldn’t resist I had to be a kid and hold one. I mean really how often do you get to hold a real lobster

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