Birthing Kit has arrived!

So I am 37 weeks and counting until our little baby boy makes his appearance into the world. Can I just say we are super excited!! So I finally ordered my birthing kit, which is a kit that contains a few items you will need to birth your baby at home. Every Midwife is different so every birthing kit will be different. For us our kit included 12 underpads, a bedpan, peri bottle, bulb syringe, cord clamp, cord tape, infant hats, stretch briefs, maternity pads, and a tape measure. I also ordered our birthing pool at the same time so we got that in as well. With baby doll we planned on having a water birth, but because my midwife was running behind and my contractions were getting stronger and stronger I decided to get out of the water. Which was a good thing because I ended up delivering her right before my midwife got there. So we are going to attempt to have a water birth again, and if anything I know I want to labor in the water it is so soothing, and really helps progress the labor. So now that I have my birthing kit in, all systems are go, and this little guy can enter the world as soon as he sees fit. We ordered our birthing kit from in his hands birth supply, they are really reasonable on prices, and they also have other cool things that you can order as well!

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