Polar plunge

This past January we decided to take the leap and do the annual polar plunge that our community host. So what is a polar plunge? A polar plunge is when you come to our local community outdoor pool in the winter, and jump into the freezing cold water! Yep. It’s not really for a cause, although you were asked to bring a food item to donate. It’s mostly all in fun, and to challenge those who like to be challenged! Every year I said we would do it, but never actually made it, but this year I decided we are going. Could be because I was pregnant and couldn’t jump into the water! hmmm. The plunge was at 9 am in the water was a hot 45 degrees. It was fun, I think we will do it again! 
we arrived all bundled up and ready to go! 

The kids were excited they had no idea how cold the water was going to be


There was ice hanging from the water features

It started to snow earlier that morning
The kids taking the plunge! 
He had reason to cry! He was freezing right after jumping in

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