A mother’s Love

It amazes me how mother birds prepare their own nest and then sit there for weeks waiting for their babies to arrive. Then they feed them and protect them for weeks. They do this all alone! Where exactly is the father bird? Every spring this mother bird arrives at our house and hatches her babies. In fact, she visits us quite frequently throughout the spring. It drives my husband CRAZY! He has wanted to put a rock or something there so she won’t come back, and I refuse. The nest is right outside our closet window so every morning as I am getting dress I watch this bird sit there day in and day out. It makes me reflect, and count my blessings. 
Seeing this bird and how patient she is, reminds me that a mother’s love is patient. Seeing her protect her young, reminds me that a mother’s love is protecting and comforting. Seeing her feed her baby, reminds me that a mother is a provider despite the circumstances and situations. Seeing her do this all alone day in and day out, reminds me that a mother’s love is never ending, unconditional, and withstanding! This bird makes me thank God for making me a woman and giving me all the qualities of a virtuous woman. Makes me thank God for allowing me to be a mother. 
Along with these things I am so thankful for my husband because even though God has made me able to do all these things alone, he has blessed me with a help mate so that I don’t have to bear it alone. I am thankful that I have a husband and father help me build my nest, help me sit on my eggs, and help me protect and provide! I am thankful that when I need I to leave the nest to have some me time, I have a father for my children that will sit in the nest in my place. I am thankful that God has made my husband a  MAN. 
I applaud this bird for so many reasons, and I applaud all the women and mother’s in this world that are taking care of their nest alone! You are AMAZING women and you are truly BLESSED! So often society doesn’t give credit to these mother birds  single moms! It’s easy to forget how much they do, and how much they bear alone. It isn’t easy being a mother and certainly not a single mother. My mother was a single mother and it’s easy for me to forget how much she had to give up and sacrifice to take care of her nest alone. I am grateful and thankful for her that she didn’t fly the nest, because of her I am who I am today. She could have easily got rid of the egg and continue to fly through life free, but instead she choose to sit with her egg!! What a gift… She gave me the greatest gift of all LIFE!! So again to all those single mothers don’t give up, you give women like myself courage, hope, and most of all remind me to rejoice in all that I have and never stop counting my blessings!! When we as a society stop judging these single women, and encourage them what a great world this will be. You can’t be pro life, but anti single mother. I thank these woman for giving their eggs babies LIFE! 

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