Happy Easter 2010

As some of you may know, and some of you may not know I consider myself a more spiritual person than religious person. Because of that, I try not to take what I consider “man” made holiday’s to seriously, and I like to teach my children about the meaning of the Holiday, and explain the traditions and why we do what we do as a family. I also am a firm believer in the ENTIRE bible and not just parts of it so with that being said last year we celebrated Purim instead of Easter which traditionally is a Jewish Holiday (Jesus was a Jew) although we could have done both, I decided to focus on one. We learned so much about the book of Ester and had a great time celebrating! It was such a wonderful learning experience especially for my girls to learn about a wonderful woman in the Bible. 
My Girls painting their mask for Purim 
All the kids mask
Lani Made these Delicious Haman Cookies
So because last year we didn’t “celebrate” Easter which for us means doing the society norms, we decided we would do that this year! I have such wonderful memories from childhood of Easter getting dressed up, blowing and dying Easter Eggs, and so much more. So it was nice to be able to share these traditions with my children. However I want them to know the true meaning of Easter, so that Morning we attended Church and the kids were able to learn the true meaning of Easter and the reason for the Celebration. We discussed it further in detail when we got home.  I didn’t get to go into details with them about the history of Dying Easter eggs, and all of that this year, but I plan on it next year. The weather was beautiful. My little brother was visiting us which was an extra bonus! My husband was able to grill on his brand new grill, and we just enjoyed some good quality family time! 
My mom with the grand babies
B-rad blowing his easter egg
Dq blowing her egg
Bossy was really into blowing her egg
D.j and my little Brother dying their eggs! Your never too old! 
Easter egg hunt
They were searching hard for the eggs! 

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