Vegetarian attempt take 5!

We have attempted to switch our diet to vegetarian for several years now and after many attempts have been unsuccessful. We do not eat pork, and we rarely eat red meat. My children are not big meat eaters they never have been. In fact they really only eat meat if it’s fried chicken (which I only cook every six months), buffalo wings, or fish. I usually will force meat on them. They however love vegetables I know weird, but they do! So one year my husband and I decided to not to eat any meat three weeks before Christmas and then celebrate with a big feast on Christmas! We did really well, and actually made it a full three weeks, but come Christmas we were in heaven and so thankful to eat our turkey. LOL we again attempted to eat vegetarian style as a lifestyle and failed. 😦 So I decided after knowing that something is not right with our food, and the meat with eat that I needed to change my family eating habits. Especially after the loss of our baby boy it has been heavy on my heart that something is not right with our food system. I called a good friend of mine who is full vegetarian and asked her for support, help, and advice on how to get started. She gave me so many great ideas and great words of encouragement! So here what we have decided to do… We will have no meat meals 3 weeks out of the month and then celebrate with a family feast one day a month. That day is yet to be determined! We don’t want our bodies to reject meat if we are ever faced with the fact that is all that is available to eat, and truth be told I LOVE fish so it’s hard for me to give up seafood!!! So that will be my reward. We kicked off our new “lifestyle” this week with vegetarian soup for dinner last night. Today the kids had fruit and apple butter toast for breakfast! They will be eating sun butter and jelly for lunch with fruit on the side, and for dinner I will be making bean burritos! Got to make sure we get protein in there!! I am excited about this venture and can’t wait to see where it takes us and how we do! I will be keeping you updated on how our family handles this change, and if I notice any changes in how we feel physically and mentally as a family! Wish us luck!!!

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