Homeschool days

So what do we do in a typical day? That is the question! 🙂 Usually our mornings start around 9 a.m yes for the most part everyone in our house is a late riser with the exception of Bradly and My husband. 😦 We usually eat breakfast and then Jay will do her spelling on the computer, this is the first year we are doing spelling of course with her being in the first grade! We love it we use an online program called wizard spell it’s a great program. Once she finishes spelling my oldest begins his day he does his main core work online. Then he does reading and writing when he is done with his online course work. Me and Jay continue our day with writing, phonics, moving beyond the page, math, and end our day with reading! Our school day usually ends around 1 or so, depending on how Jayden is feeling. LOL After school is done it’s time for lunch and  the kids take an afternoon bath! I know that sounds crazy, but my kids love the water and seeing as though it is cold outside and they can’t go out and play let alone go swimming taking a bath is the next best thing! They will spend a good 2 hours in the bath! Once bath time over there is free time to play until daddy gets home! There is usually no t.v during the day in our house unless it is Friday or the weekend, so in most cases they are finding ways to use their imaginations sometimes this good, other times not so much. Here are just a few pictures from one of our school days this week.
By the way if you are wondering what the babies are doing all this time, well it depends on the given day. I have struggle with this area a lot since starting homeschool. Keeping them occupied and holding their attention span during school is a great fete. Someday’s I will put on some preschool videos that are teaching abc and numbers, other days they will color along with their sister if they are in the “mood” We recently bought them a floor puzzle which Sidney LOVES! So that has been her favorite thing to do during school. It keeps her busy for a good 30 to 45 minutes! 

Sometimes she will allow Bradly to help her, but on most days that is not the case, which he doesn’t mind, because he really isn’t all that interested in the puzzle thing, we have to make him work on the puzzles. He decided this day he would attempt to try the puzzle thing again, and was being a good little student. 

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