Field trip Friday!

When we started school this year I had decided that on Friday’s we would take field trips, sadly I am like a bear and hibernate in the winter. 😦 So we didn’t really do a lot of field trips first semester. I’m hoping that this semester we will do a lot better as it begins to warm back up! So presenting our first Field trip Friday… we went ice skating for the very first time!! It was so much fun, that my kids have elected we go again this Friday for our field trip.
Everyone was ready to get out there and skate! Don’t you love our school shirts! I love these, my close friend and Sorority sister made these shirts for us!
It’s didn’t take D.j long to learn how to ice skate he was out there in no time skating around!
Bossy was a little nervous at first but soon she had the hang of it, and didn’t want to leave when it was time to go! She loved it!
Bradly started out excited, and ready to get out there skating he fell a few times, and at first thought it was funny. ….
But soon the laughter turned into tears, and he was no longer enjoying skating!
This is my fearless child! She will try anything, and usually jumps into it head first with no fear. Sure enough she fell a few times, but got right back up and after a few laps around the rink she was skating all by herself!
She even tried to go out to the middle of the rink with her big sister! I was to scary to let her go, to many big kids to knock her down!!

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