are you ready for some hockey and duggars!

Okay so notice I said hockey and not football! Surprisingly we love hockey in fact, it is one of my favorite sports to watch live next to rugby (although I have yet to see rugby live) Yes my husband does like football, but he also really enjoys hockey. Going to Hockey games is one of our favorite things to do we especially love going when we have box seats compliments of his wonderful company! At our last hockey game we got to see the Duggar’s up close and personal! We had no idea they were going to be there and then all of sudden who comes out on the ice Jim Bob and Michelle, my husband went nuts! I know you would have thought it was me going crazy seeing as I love their show and have been following them since 14 and pregnant again! But it was him, probably because he has a big personality anyway. He was shouting and yelling from our box seats until finally he got Michelle to give him the thumbs up, and point right at him! I’m sure she was thinking “who is that crazy black man screaming my name!” LOL It was sooo funny! Sadly we didn’t get any autographs or get ask the thousands of questions I have but I did get some pictures!

It’s me all smiles! I was enjoying a nice hot drink seeing as though it was freezing!
Can you guess what company my husband works for!

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