Giddy up Horse

My little Bossy LOVES horses and she absolutely loved horse back riding! I gave her the option once she turned six to either continue dance or venture out into something else, and surely enough horse back riding was top on that list! She had been asking us since she was about 4 if she could ride horses, and of course she was to young. We had been trail riding before, but finally she was old enough to take actual riding lessons! So here she is in all her glory and joy riding her horse Charles. We can’t wait for the weather to warm back up so she get back out there riding again this spring!


2 thoughts on “Giddy up Horse”

  1. Hi Tanyell, this is Megan the friend of Bridget's who lost our baby boy also on November 21st. As I scrolled down your blog and read the posts about your precious baby, it was so familiar to me everything that happened with you guys. The way you felt before you even knew something was wrong with your baby was exactly how I felt. I know the Lord was preparing me for this. Also the feelings afterward of my milk coming in and not being able to hold him and get up with him in the middle of the night. Thank you for reaching out…it encourages me that I am not alone in this and the way I feel. The Lord has been our strength and healing our hearts, yet there is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking and heartbroken for my baby. I will keep you and your family in my prayers:) If you ever need to talk or contact me, you can e-mail me at mnmshrewsberry@gmail.com God bless you!.

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