So Thankful

This Thanksgiving season, I feel I have so much to be thankful for! I want to first thank all my clients from this year for allowing us to capture all of your very special moments! We know and understand that you could have went anywhere but you choose us and for that we are very grateful. To all those clients who sent referrals our way, we can’t thank you enough and we hope that you take advantage of your special gifts! I am also so very thankful for a very dear friend of my find Carla and her business Creations by Carla. Not only has she encouraged, believed, and supported our business, but she has been truly instrumental in our growth over this past year. With her many referrals and several wonderful creations including our company shirts (pictures to come soon), she has truly walk the walk in supporting us and we are so thankful for her! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who no matter what direction I decide to go is my number fan and cheerleader he supports me in all ventures in my life and when it comes to photography he has truly jumped on board and brought in his knowledge and talent to help improve my growth and business! I am also thankful for my children who are truly a blessing in my life without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today, nor would I be enjoying this wonderful career! Most importantly I would like to give thanks to God who has never left my side and continues to bless me in every aspect of my life. I hope that you all have had a wonderful year thus far and that you not only had many things to be thankful for this season, but that you celebrated in those blessings and showed your thankfulness. To show my appreciation to all my past and present clients I would like to offer 25$ off choice location session fee’s and a free 8×10! This is our way of once again saying thanks. Special offer only valid through December 12, 2009! So book your session now!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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