Making Rain

I’m so in love with moving beyond the page! It is so fun and interactive. This unit we have been talking all about weather and the seasons, it’s science according to them. So for this fun project we got to make rain and clouds! It actually really fun! I wasn’t sure on what to expect, but it was great seeing her little eyes light up as she saw the rain drops fall in the jar. So if you would like to try this out at home all you need is a jar, ice, and a paper plate. Fill jar with about 2 inches of HOT water, put the paper plate on top of the jar for a few seconds then add the ice cubes on top of the paper plate. Watch the rain begin to fall! To make clouds you need a plastic soda bottle, a black piece of construction paper, and a match. Cover the bottom half of the bottle with the construction paper, feel the bottle with about 1/4 of warm water put the lid on the bottle for a few seconds, next light a match and quickly drop it into the water while quickly putting the lid on the bottle. Squeeze and release the bottle to see your clouds! So much fun!

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