Labor day pains

Yesterday was so hard for my dd to get back in the swing of things. She had a long three day weekend so when it was time to go back to school her focus was everywhere else. I finally said you know what we need to burn some of this energy off so we went outside and I let her run and explore for a few hours! She tried to catch bugs, she gathered sticks because we are focusing on the letter I this week. It was science once again and phonics in a rare form. Once she burned off energy we were able to focus and get our lessons done. I had to say to myself there will be days like this, that is the beauty of home school. There will be days when she doesn’t want to sit and do a lesson and I will have to be creative  in order to get her lesson in. My prayer is that this morning, she will be fired up and ready to. We will start having “homework” this week. She insist on being like big brother who goes to public school. She wants homework to do. So I thought that would be a neat little way to get daddy involved a little bit more! 

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