School at the doctor

On wednesday my son had a circumcision and it was great to be able to pack up our lap top and my dd to be able to do time 4 learning at the hospital. She was able to do her school lesson on the go! Then on Friday we had a doctor’s appt. I tell you what she was so interested in everything the doctor and nurses was doing. When they asked her where she went to school she proudly said I go to homeschool! So the nurses allowed her to take the babies temperatures and listen to their heartbeats. They were so amazed at how much she wanted to learn that they were excited to share their knowledge with her. She explained how she wanted to be an animal doctor when she grew up! I figured that was our school for the day. I thought she probably learned so much in that hour! It was so great! On the way home we talked about the equipment she used and how the heart beat sound. What a great LIFE experience in science! It was a great way to end the school week. 

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