Review of Moving Beyond The Page Home school Curriculum

Thinking about trying moving beyond the page as your homeschool curriculum? This is my personal take on this curriculum. One of my personal favorites. If you have used or currently using moving beyond the page, let me know your thoughts on this curriculum!


School days are here again! And the curriculum is…

Okay seeing as though I love curriculum and trying different things, because above all I want my kids to LOVE learning, I know I have a problem with buying a thousand things and spending way to much money. Well seeing as though we have had to buckle our boot straps, I am not able to do that this year, so I decided to try something different. As of now my son is doing time 4 learning, and Alpha and omega. We are using a music c.d, history channel, and the library for history! He loves history and so I don’t really have to just buy him a set of books because he takes pride in learning about all kinds of history! It’s amazing who would have thought he would just sit and watch the history channel all day if he could. For Bossy she is also doing Time 4 learning she hated last year, but now that she sees big brother doing it, she loves it! She is also finishing up get set for the code and Abeka K5! We didn’t finish the entire book last year so I figured why not use this for review! In the fall after labor day, I will buy our official curriculum which I am leaning toward moving beyond the page for bossy, and Abeka online for London/d.j! My babies are FINALLY doing school! As you know last year it was so hard to get anything done with them, now they are actually interested in learning and doing school. So I use dltk-kids and tlsbooks for them which is basically and online printing program! They love getting there little worksheets and coloring like big sister. Our focus this year is shapes, colors, letters and numbers! For Bossy I want her to become a more advocate reader and writer. I want her to want to read. For my son the goal is to get him ready for high school! This year I don’t want to be as structured. Now that Bossy has the fundamentals of reading I want school to be fun and relaxing! So I want do more family trips and art projects more hands on things rather than sitting at desk. I am slowly trying to ease my way into Charlotte Mason which is my ultimate goal for homeschooling! So no big expensive curriculums this year, well right now! 🙂 Our school year is well on it’s way. 


Homeschool money woes…

This past weekend was the MTHEA homeschool curriculum fair! This was my first year going, and I must say this was probably not a good idea for someone like myself who is a curriculum “addict.” I was in heaven and at the same time miserable. What I learned from this experience is that there are soooo many curriculums to choose from, and it is not cheap to homeschool your children. There is public school, homeschool, and private school. None of them are free, but I tell you what the cost goes up with each one. I found so many curriculum’s that I felt both of my children, along with myself would LOVE. I originally only attended on going one day, but ended up going back a second day and taking my son to look for a history curriculum. This past year we used Abeka and a little bit of My fathers World> We also used explode the code as a supplement she loves those books. When I pulled my son out we started using alpha and omega for math and L.A. We did not focus on science or history. He has been reading a lot of books for history.

So because we will school all year long. I have decided to use My fathers world for our summer enrichment program for my daughter and finish up Alpha and Omega for my son. For the 09-10 school year I am leaning toward a program called beyond the page for my daughter! I am really excited about this program because what I have learned this year from Jayden is she is a creative learner. She is very hands on and likes to ask a lot of questions. Her strong point is math, and she it comes natural to her because she can visualize math in her head! So I want this to be the same for her for reading and all her other subjects! Depending on how this summer goes with MFW we may use that as well. We will continue with Abeka math and cursive. As for my son, because I am holding him back a year he will continue to use Alpha and Omega for L.A and Math. We will be studying American History for history. We found this awesome history music C.D, a time through history, that we will be using also for history. This C.D covers American history from the indians to present day President Obama. It is music song by several different music artist. IT covers Katrina, 911, and so on! We are very excited about this program! As for art, this year I have found an art teacher that I will be using they will go to her once a week. We will be having p.e at our local community center for home schoolers, along with their monthly activities.

I was not happy about the cost for these curriculums, but I know and understand to educate my children there is a price to pay. I want to make sure they are getting the best education for THEM that they can get. I know that every child learns differently and that is why I love the joy of homeschooling because I can cater to each one of my children’s learning styles. I want to take this time to learn more about what Jayden likes and does not like. I want to use this last year before my son enters into high school to try and spark a love for learning in him, so that he will enjoy high school, and truly love learning and not feel bad about it. I want to nurture their loves. For Jayden that is animals and for D.j that is history. I am learning how to be more economically smart about choosing curriculums. I was going to buy my son this 30.00 time line program, but decided we can make our own timeline notebook! I was going to use Sonlight for his history, but decided we can put together our own list of readers for our American history program, and go to the library and check out books. I will post a list of our readers once we compile it! It is these small short cuts that will help me save money, and spend money where it matters most! For science we will use our world wide web! And find science projects to do. I am thinking we will focus on the anatomy of a male for science and use this year to talk about his body, sex, and becoming an adult! Hey that is science!

So here is a run down of the upcoming school year. This is still tentative!
Jayden-Summer Enrichment- My fathers World K
D.J- Summer Enrichment-Alpha and omega math level 4,5, and 6. L.A level 6, and 7
Jayden-Fall school year- Moving beyond the page for L.A, science, and history. Abeka for math and cursive, Bible Old Testament and the seven laws of Noah. Supplement Explode the Code
D.j-Fall school year- Alpha and Omega Math level 7 and 8, L.A level 8. History American History, Science Anatomy and physical science, Bible Old Testament and seven laws of Noah.

I am excited that I have come this far, this far in advance! I am trying to be more organized and well prepared. I am in the process of putting together Jayden’s summer binder, and D.j time line notebook for the fall. I think by being prepared, I will not spend as much money, because I will have a clear plan, as to what I am doing and what I need to get it done. I hope I will not run into to many stumbling blocks! My goal is a penny saved is a penny earned!


What a great week!

We had a great first week back! It’s Saturday and I feel great which lets me know that my week was not as stressful. Changing our school schedule is probably the best move I could have made. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. This week we focused on Abeka and that letters G and R. We learned Cursive G and Cursive R. In math we continued to learn about the teen family and focused on the 20 family understanding that 2 comes first in the twenty family. We added A to our word wall. For art we colored a Mexican girl and a Mexican boy because she was learning about Mexico and the letter M at her tutorial. We spent our mornings at the discovery center and at the mall play area this week. With one morning at home taking a morning bath, which they love! I think I have a solution to my Curriculum situation, Next week will focus on My fathers world and Unleash the code. Then we will alternate weeks. I hope that this will work for us and that this will keep her attention and she will not get burned out by doing the same thing everyday. If we change up each week it will give her a fresh start and hopefully keep her guessing and loving to learn. So next week will be doing My Fathers World! We will Start Monday tot day/school. Our focus will be the color red and counting to 5! YAY! I am so super excited! 


curriculum junky

Hi my name is Tanyell and I am a curriculum junky! I must confess I am truly addicted to curriculums. I am forever finding something new and exciting that I want to try. We recently added my fathers world to our line up and here I was online last night looking for a music curriculum so my hubby can begin teaching our daughter how to play the keyboard. He is a natural born musician and can play anything by ear, this is the one trait I really want our children to have as I am not musically inclined at all. So why looking for a music lesson, I decided to look for an art curriculum AND a pre school curriculum. As I posted in an earlier post, I really need to get in gear with my babies. We were doing really good following a list I found online, but I quickly got bored with that as I am addicted to curriculum. I don’t think it’s the curriculum as much as is the organization and structure. I like things to be in order and structured. This is the only way I feel like I am accomplishing things. It would be very hard for me to be an unschooler. So here it is we use 4 different curriculums for 2 subject math and phonics! I know. I thank God for my husband who continues to support my addiction. But now I must stop. I realized the other day as we begin to close in on our first semester that there is no way we are going to finish ALL 4 of these. So here comes the hard question which one will I put on the back burner and save for a summer review?