School days are here again! And the curriculum is…

Okay seeing as though I love curriculum and trying different things, because above all I want my kids to LOVE learning, I know I have a problem with buying a thousand things and spending way to much money. Well seeing as though we have had to buckle our boot straps, I am not able to do that this year, so I decided to try something different. As of now my son is doing time 4 learning, and Alpha and omega. We are using a music c.d, history channel, and the library for history! He loves history and so I don’t really have to just buy him a set of books because he takes pride in learning about all kinds of history! It’s amazing who would have thought he would just sit and watch the history channel all day if he could. For Bossy she is also doing Time 4 learning she hated last year, but now that she sees big brother doing it, she loves it! She is also finishing up get set for the code and Abeka K5! We didn’t finish the entire book last year so I figured why not use this for review! In the fall after labor day, I will buy our official curriculum which I am leaning toward moving beyond the page for bossy, and Abeka online for London/d.j! My babies are FINALLY doing school! As you know last year it was so hard to get anything done with them, now they are actually interested in learning and doing school. So I use dltk-kids and tlsbooks for them which is basically and online printing program! They love getting there little worksheets and coloring like big sister. Our focus this year is shapes, colors, letters and numbers! For Bossy I want her to become a more advocate reader and writer. I want her to want to read. For my son the goal is to get him ready for high school! This year I don’t want to be as structured. Now that Bossy has the fundamentals of reading I want school to be fun and relaxing! So I want do more family trips and art projects more hands on things rather than sitting at desk. I am slowly trying to ease my way into Charlotte Mason which is my ultimate goal for homeschooling! So no big expensive curriculums this year, well right now! 🙂 Our school year is well on it’s way. 

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