What a great week!

We had a great first week back! It’s Saturday and I feel great which lets me know that my week was not as stressful. Changing our school schedule is probably the best move I could have made. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. This week we focused on Abeka and that letters G and R. We learned Cursive G and Cursive R. In math we continued to learn about the teen family and focused on the 20 family understanding that 2 comes first in the twenty family. We added A to our word wall. For art we colored a Mexican girl and a Mexican boy because she was learning about Mexico and the letter M at her tutorial. We spent our mornings at the discovery center and at the mall play area this week. With one morning at home taking a morning bath, which they love! I think I have a solution to my Curriculum situation, Next week will focus on My fathers world and Unleash the code. Then we will alternate weeks. I hope that this will work for us and that this will keep her attention and she will not get burned out by doing the same thing everyday. If we change up each week it will give her a fresh start and hopefully keep her guessing and loving to learn. So next week will be doing My Fathers World! We will Start Monday tot day/school. Our focus will be the color red and counting to 5! YAY! I am so super excited! 

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