To homeschool or Not to homeschool

So as this year slowly comes to an end, I have debating on if I will continue our homeschool journey next year. Honestly this year was a huge struggle, and not so much because of the pregnancy or the baby. I think that Jay got burned out a little. Which I know if she was in “school” she would probably be feeling the same way if not worst. And truth be told we had this same issue when we did Abeka in Kindergarten which is why we switched curriculums for 1st grade. I went back to abeka for second because I feel that is the best reading program on teaching how to read, and she really needed to improve her reading skills. The transformation was worth the stress her reading level has improved x2. But because I was so stressed on getting her reading up to grade level we didn’t do a lot of fun projects, and me being pregnant didn’t help matters. I really felt unorganized and out of it this year. So I have been debating what am I going to do next year, am I burned out, will I really be able to handle having a kindergartener and a 3rd grader? To be honest sometimes the one thing you love can take a toll on you. There is a such thing of to much of a good thing. I am with my children 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but sometimes I need a day off. So this too has been wearing on my spirit. I am trying to pray and meditate about it, but I am still on the fence on what I am going to do. So as this year comes to end our next school year is a too be continued to……

1 thought on “To homeschool or Not to homeschool”

  1. This is a big decision to think through. I know God will lead you to the best choice for your family. I've crossed this road many times over but we are still in it. I had to adjust my ideas of education & learning. I also had to make 'me' time a priority. I still fall back into my old ways but I try to release myself when I realize. My kiddos are across the grades and needs from 14 to 2 with one who was born deaf and has some cognitive delays. I know you'll make the best decision for your family and your lifestyle. Your best decision for *YOUR* family…that's all that matters!

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