Our school schedule

Okay I know I said I had the curriculum thing in the bag, but because I LOVE Charlotte Mason and hope to be a full Charlotte Mason I have decided to use a curriculum for history from the simply charlotte mason website It’s Genesis through deuteronomy and ancient egypt! We are reading adam and his kin along with bible! My kids LOVE it! So here is our schedule as of now since we have officially kicked off the school year. We do school from 12-4 I know the opposite of most, but most of us are late birds and that gives me the morning to run my errands and get any work done that I need to get done business wise. At 12 we do morning motto I can, I am, I ought, I will, we read proverbs do a narration and copywork from that proverbs. We then have quiet/meditation time to think about how we can apply that proverbs to our life. We then have reading time. During copywork, I play nursery rhymes for the babies to enjoy and they simply scribble on a sheet of paper! After morning work, we do math and LA the babies do shapes, colors, and letter! After LA, we have lunch at about 1:30 until 2:00. The babies then take their afternoon nap and me and the big kids do history, science, and elective I.E music, art!

I have lots of new educational toys for the babies to play with during school this year thanks to my step dad! They love it and they look forward to doing school! My daughter is so excited about history and our discussions that we have that she can’t wait for school! Today I found her waiting in the classroom for school to start! It was great! I am happy with my history choice and I think that myself and the kids are going to really learn a lot from this. We are using discovering doctrine along with this lesson. I am still searching for a great science curriculum right now my son is doing “health” and learning about the male and female body. I figured this would be a good time to have “the” talk with him! I feel like our schedule will stick this year. I am looking forward to getting settled in on our new schedule and having field trip Fridays in September! Because this was our first week of official school we decided to do a no t.v week! My son and I made a bet on how it would be for us to not watch t.v for an entire week. He thinks that he will go crazy, mind you we don’t watch t.v until after 6 anyway. I said watch you won’t even miss the t.v! You will find so many other fun things to do you won’t even notice. So that is our challenge for this week. Yesterday we had a talent competition which was hilarious and fun! It’s amazing the things you will do to entertain your family. I will say thank Goodness for D.V.R because I have to see my housewives, True Blood, and Duggars! LOL So far we are having a great week and I am looking forward to the remainder of our school year!

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