Review of Get Ready For The Code

Here is a review of the homeschooling pre k-1 curriculum Get Ready for the Code. One of my favorite supplemental curriculums to add on to any phonics program!



My daughter can read!! (homeschooling)

So what’s been going on with us, and homeschool? So much. I finally got my sons curriculum in we are going to be doing alpha and omega L.A and Math. He completed of mice and men, which was his reading assignment until we got his books in. Because he loves history and movies so much, I figured we get our history in by reading books. This way we can read a book and then he can watch the movie. Even though of mice and men isn’t really history it did take place in early 1900′ s and it’s a classic! He really enjoyed it! Now he can’t wait to read his next book! We had a little competition going on. I love to read and will usually finish a book in about 1 week. So I read a book at the same time as he did and challenged him to finish his book before me. He finished two days after, but it was still fun, and nice to have him read while I was reading. 

Speaking of reading, Jay can now read!! I never thought we would get here. If you have read my earlier blogs, you know reading was a fear of mine as well as a concern. She wasn’t reading and that was stressing me out. Well the other day she just started reading! Now don’t get me wrong she is reading on her level, but she IS reading! I was so excited, that I probably scared her half to death with my excitement. We are finally doing the Abeka I do read books! It took us a little while but we made it. I am so happy that I will be closing out our kindergarden year this way. I feel as though we have truly accomplished something! I think that we will probably homeschool year round, this way we can take more days off in the fall and winter, and my son can catch up. He is so far behind, so I want to make sure I give him a fair shot. He will most likely be repeating the 8th grade next year, before moving on to high school. So as of now school is coming along well. I try not to stress myself out to much, and just take it easy. What I have learned from doing kindergarden, is that kids will learn in their own time. Some mature faster than others, but in the end they will get it! I see Jay maturing everyday and as she matures she learns things a lot faster and a lot easier. I can’t rush it! 

Beginning to read

I am so excited as this week we will begin to blend letters to start our first process in reading. We have been so busy with traveling and attending so many different field trips. I am going to have to cut back on the field trips after this month of course! They are so fun it’s so hard. I want to her to be excited about learning and school and I feel like she learns so much on these little outings. The best way to learn is through real life experiences! We have learned all our vowels with Abeka and are moving on to blend the letter T with the vowels which is the first step to reading. I think I am more excited than she is. I love to read, I can read a book in 2 days. I want her to have this passion for reading and I think about our future readings together and having a mommy and me book club that I can share with my girls for a lifetime that will be our thing! So this is very exciting to me. Not only for that reason, but because “I” get to help her in learning how to read. I will witness her first sentence the same I way I did her first words, and first steps. I will see her eyes light up when she reads that sentence and I won’t get the aftermath because she already did it at school. I will witness it first hand and that makes me excited. At this point in her life I have witnessed all her first. I have to thank my husband and my father (God) for allowing me to witness all these first! What a blessing. 


Charlotte Mason

So we have started our CM adventure in learning and our goal for this week was to learn the first part of the student motto as well as 4 site words. I must tell you I was a little skeptical of this, but to my surprise it was great. My 5 year old can now recite the entire first section of I Am as well as spell and identify four site words. AM, GOD, ME, TO! Which for some may seem petty but I was amazed when I gave her a meek shaft spelling test today over those for words and she got all 4 correct. I mean I always thought you had to sit a child down at a desk feed them each letter sound, and so on for them to learn how to spell and read words. Not so! On top of that we were outside and she collected the mail for me she came back saying in her grown up voice “He is so nice that mail man. He is always nice to kids” So I thought great teaching moment on stranger awareness. I said to her, “well just because he is nice doesn’t mean you have to be “very” nice to him.” she say’s “Mommy I have to be nice to everyone because I am a child of God. and if I am not nice to everyone I won’t be a person of great value.” My mouth dropped, I was almost stomped for a minute. But then I said, “that is true mommy is saying that you don’t have to get in his car or take candy from him etc just to be nice to him.” “Oh, I know that” She stated back. So overall today was very productive for us and I am a proud teacher/student/mommy!