Charlotte Mason

So we have started our CM adventure in learning and our goal for this week was to learn the first part of the student motto as well as 4 site words. I must tell you I was a little skeptical of this, but to my surprise it was great. My 5 year old can now recite the entire first section of I Am as well as spell and identify four site words. AM, GOD, ME, TO! Which for some may seem petty but I was amazed when I gave her a meek shaft spelling test today over those for words and she got all 4 correct. I mean I always thought you had to sit a child down at a desk feed them each letter sound, and so on for them to learn how to spell and read words. Not so! On top of that we were outside and she collected the mail for me she came back saying in her grown up voice “He is so nice that mail man. He is always nice to kids” So I thought great teaching moment on stranger awareness. I said to her, “well just because he is nice doesn’t mean you have to be “very” nice to him.” she say’s “Mommy I have to be nice to everyone because I am a child of God. and if I am not nice to everyone I won’t be a person of great value.” My mouth dropped, I was almost stomped for a minute. But then I said, “that is true mommy is saying that you don’t have to get in his car or take candy from him etc just to be nice to him.” “Oh, I know that” She stated back. So overall today was very productive for us and I am a proud teacher/student/mommy! 

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