You home school……

imgres     What do you do all day? What do they do all day? How long do you do school? Do y’all watch t.v all day? Are you qualified to teach? Do they have any friends? What do you do for extra curricula activities? I don’t know how you do it! These are just a few of the annoying curious question/statements I get when people learn that my children are homeschooled. When I say that it pisses me off, I am being kind with my words. Sometimes I have to realize that it is simply people’s ignorance lack of knowledge about homeschooling and understanding how homeschooling works. People tend to make irrational judgements about things they don’t understand. What frustrates me the most about these questions, is people often assume that my children are at home playing video games all day and cut off from the world. I love when people say, “I sure hope they don’t get into the real world and go crazy because they have been sheltered.” Let me attack address this statement.

When did sheltering protecting our children become a bad thing? For me, my goal is to allow my children to be just that, children. They have the rest of their life to grow up, be adults, and deal with this big bad world. Of course I am going to equip them for the real world, but in an appropriate order. I want my children to maintain their ignorance innocence and the joy they see in this world. The idea that my oldest daughter has no desire to kiss a boy, thinks that sex only means female and male, and wants her daddy on every single date when she gets older as protection, is bliss to my ears! Do I encourage these thought and belief system, of course, will my world come crashing down if these ideas change for her, of course not; however, right now at 11, she is exactly where she should be. I love the idea that they still want to play with dolls and wear ponytails. I see nothing ludicrous about this. Our culture has a way of rushing life and rushing us to grow up. It makes sense where this idea of rushing children to grow up comes from. There was a time when adults needed children to grow up and be little adults to help take care of the family, but these rules no longer apply. We can’t double talk, although that is what we do. You are old enough to go to the military fight for your country put your life on the line, buy cigarettes, but heaven forbid you have a drink! (okay that’s another soapbox)

“Aren’t you worried, they aren’t going to know how to interact with their peers?” “Do they have friends?” What is it about homeschooling that makes people think our children are locked in closets cut off from the world. Honestly, homeschoolers (mine anyway) are some of the most “socialized” children I know. Because our children aren’t spending hours doing busy work and learning test taking skills going to traditional school, they are able to participate in life with real people, might I add all kinds of people! We aren’t segregated in homes school by age and grade. This means that our children play, communicate, and interact with all kinds of people giving them the capability to be able to communicate with several different types of people not just their peers of the same age. The homeschooling world is a world of several different types of people and when you immerse yourself into this world, your children are exposed to all types of people. There are children that go to school every single day and do not have a clue how to interact with people or who aren’t sociable at all. Besides, when did school become about learning social skills?

“What do you do all day?” This presumptions question alone ticks me off not only as a working stay home mom, but also as a homeschooling mom. Here is one for you what do you do all day on your job? I didn’t know that a house could run itself, and because I am homeschooling my children chances are I am schooling my children! I’m not exactly sure where the soap opera theory originated from, but if I could get 10 min of uninterrupted time to sit on my butt and do nothing, I don’t think I would waste that precious, valuable, and golden time on watching t.v. No sir! I can think of several other things I could be doing with that time.

“I don’t know how you do it!” I don’t expect you to. For me homeschooling is a calling, and God knows who those select are that will be called for this duty. I never intended to home school my children, but it was loud and clear when God called me to duty. I am thankful for this calling, thankful that we are resourceful to be able to do this, and thankful that we have the right to be able to educate our children at home. I don’t know how a police officer does his job or how a gynecologist looks at vaginas all day these things were not my calling.

“Are you qualified to teach?” To ask am I qualified to teach my own children is like asking a person are they qualified to parent their own children. I am not teaching a classroom full of other people’s children, I am teaching my children. Homeschooling my children encompasses so many things, it isn’t just about learning reading, writing, arithmetic, but it is also about learning life skills, building a family bond, fostering independence and a love for learning, building skills and knowledge to be productive citizens, learning to problem solve, and nurturing talents and gifts already within. I love spending time with my children and to see the sparkle and glow in their eyes when they solve a problem or learn a new skill. I was there for all my children first; first word, first steps, first words read, first math problem solved, and so much more. Many of these goals, I didn’t need a certificate of qualification to help them achieve.

No one wants their child to succeed more than the parent. I want my children to be the best version of themselves and for us homeschooling allows us to work toward that. But it goes beyond future success, the memories we are building through homeschooling are memories that could never replaced. The freedom of not being tied down to someones else schedule and the freedom to vacation when we want, and tie education into these vacations is pure bliss. Homeschooling isn’t all bells and whistles, it’s not for the faint of heart, however, it is a blessing for those of us who are called to walk this journey with our children.

So the next time you run into that home school family, be of encouragement to them rather than critical or condescending. If you are a home school family, be proud of your choice to home school your children! Wear this decision with a badge of honor, and don’t hesitate to educate those that do not have the knowledge about homeschooling. Remember not everyone was fortunate enough to learn outside of the box or think outside of the box.


Review of Get Ready For The Code

Here is a review of the homeschooling pre k-1 curriculum Get Ready for the Code. One of my favorite supplemental curriculums to add on to any phonics program!



Spring Break Fun

My son had his final competition in Gatlinburg this past weekend, so we decided to make it a family trip for our spring break and go up a few days early! I am so glad we did we had such a great time! We spent the first night at one of our favorite places to stay in Gatlinburg the smokies at the wilderness water resort! It is an awesome indoor water park! The kids love this place and honestly we would have stayed here the entire weekend but sadly they were booked. 😦 It was nice to be able to relax and enjoy some family time together! 
The kids all ready to go swimming
D.j and I enjoyed some mother son time together in the pool! Last time we went to the wilderness I was pregnant with Little Jb so I wasn’t able to participate a whole lot.. 
Jayden and Daddy posing before we went down the largest indoor water slide in Tennessee! 
D.j and sidney getting splashed by the water bucket
Bradly and sidney waiting on the waves at the wave pool!
Bradly enjoyed going down the water slide! 
Of course we couldn’t have a family trip without having a little bit of education involved while having fun!!! So we decided instead of going go cart racing we would go to wonder works! This place was amazing! It’s a huge interactive museum for all ages. It was big and so much to do that we left went back to our hotel ate lunch went swimming, and came back to wonder works for the remainder of the night! We spent a total of about 6 hours at this place. They don’t close until Midnight! The kids loved it! 
No matter where we go or who we are with my husband will find turn something into a competition with someone! It’s in his blood! So here he is challenging D.j to a wall climbing competition. It was really close I think they are still debating who actually won, I guess we will have to watch the video footage to see! 
They had this amazing area were you could blow big huge bubbles. Of course you got to learn all about bubbles as well! 
We laid on a bed of nails! and YES those are REAL nails! It was a weird feeling to actually lay on a bed of nails. They explained to us how thousands of nails and your body weight put together does not cause pressure or a puncture. Interesting we will have to read and learn more about this concept
They had this tunnel you had to walk through in order to enter the museum. The tunnel was an illusion that made you feel like the bridge were crossing was moving. We went through several times and then realized if we closed our eyes when we walked through the illusion was no longer there! 
D.j, Lani, and Bradly had fun trying to lift themselves using only there arms! It’s a boy thing I suppose!
They had an earthquake simulation, This was fun, and right on time as I was able to explain to Jayden this is what happen to the people of Haiti. She was very interested in Haiti and learning about what happen when it first happened. So this was a great “real” way to show her and teach her about earthquakes. My husband of course was being himself and trying to save his coffee during the earthquake! LOL
After the earthquake we experienced a hurricane! D.j was amazed at how strong the winds were! 
We had such a great time! I said on my facebook page it is moments like this I am so glad and blessed that I homeschool my children. Memories over attendance! It is a personal conviction of mine that no one remembers having perfect attendance nor do they give out scholarships for perfect attendance, but memories like these last a lifetime! Not only did we have great family time, but my kids learned so much.   I apologize but  I had to say this, because so often we get judge on our decision to homeschool our children, and so often people try to tell us what we should and shouldn’t be doing, and sometimes I find myself questioning my decision to homeschool, but then God blesses me with moments like these and I stop and ask for forgiveness for questioning my blessing and once again Thank God for choosing me. Homeschooling and being a stay home mother is a calling and a gift! That was my soap box… LOL 🙂 

Meet Sally!

I would like to introduce you to Sally! With our curriculum moving beyond the page, we have to do a lot of creativity with our learning so on this day she had to take shapes and make a picture using her shapes. She could make a abstract picture or design a picture out of shapes. So my wonderfully creative child made a person out of her shapes! She named her Sally of course. For some reason she loves the name Sally!

Once she finished making her picture she had to dictate a story about her picture. So here is her story about Sally. Once upon a time, Sally went to play outside. She heard someone walking and he said, “hello” and she said, “hello” back. They became friends and played outside, then sooner or later the mommy came and she said, “who is your new friend you are playing with Sally?” Sally said, “this is John.” Then an Indian came and said may I have some food. The end! 

Because I couldn’t coach her at all about her story, I just had to simply end it that way! I thought it was so cute and funny! She was very serious about her story, and wanted to show it off to everyone in the family so we proudly displayed her picture and story on our art wall. Pictures of that coming soon! I hope you enjoyed her story about Sally!


Still here!

I have been asked are you still home schooling? What’s going on. YEP we are still going strong all there are days I want to pull my hair out. You can read more on our homeschooling adventures as well as my life period on my new blog! I know I keep switching it up, it’s a very bad habit of mine I am working on. I wanted to start to this blog to discuss more personal things in life and I figured I need a separate blog to do that. So for now I will just update my photography information on this blog. So for those of you that only want to see pictures this is the blog for you, and for those of you who want a glimpse into my life head on over to my new blog! Don’t forget to follow me, it keeps me accountable for updating my blogs!


My daughter can read!! (homeschooling)

So what’s been going on with us, and homeschool? So much. I finally got my sons curriculum in we are going to be doing alpha and omega L.A and Math. He completed of mice and men, which was his reading assignment until we got his books in. Because he loves history and movies so much, I figured we get our history in by reading books. This way we can read a book and then he can watch the movie. Even though of mice and men isn’t really history it did take place in early 1900′ s and it’s a classic! He really enjoyed it! Now he can’t wait to read his next book! We had a little competition going on. I love to read and will usually finish a book in about 1 week. So I read a book at the same time as he did and challenged him to finish his book before me. He finished two days after, but it was still fun, and nice to have him read while I was reading. 

Speaking of reading, Jay can now read!! I never thought we would get here. If you have read my earlier blogs, you know reading was a fear of mine as well as a concern. She wasn’t reading and that was stressing me out. Well the other day she just started reading! Now don’t get me wrong she is reading on her level, but she IS reading! I was so excited, that I probably scared her half to death with my excitement. We are finally doing the Abeka I do read books! It took us a little while but we made it. I am so happy that I will be closing out our kindergarden year this way. I feel as though we have truly accomplished something! I think that we will probably homeschool year round, this way we can take more days off in the fall and winter, and my son can catch up. He is so far behind, so I want to make sure I give him a fair shot. He will most likely be repeating the 8th grade next year, before moving on to high school. So as of now school is coming along well. I try not to stress myself out to much, and just take it easy. What I have learned from doing kindergarden, is that kids will learn in their own time. Some mature faster than others, but in the end they will get it! I see Jay maturing everyday and as she matures she learns things a lot faster and a lot easier. I can’t rush it!