Meet Sally!

I would like to introduce you to Sally! With our curriculum moving beyond the page, we have to do a lot of creativity with our learning so on this day she had to take shapes and make a picture using her shapes. She could make a abstract picture or design a picture out of shapes. So my wonderfully creative child made a person out of her shapes! She named her Sally of course. For some reason she loves the name Sally!

Once she finished making her picture she had to dictate a story about her picture. So here is her story about Sally. Once upon a time, Sally went to play outside. She heard someone walking and he said, “hello” and she said, “hello” back. They became friends and played outside, then sooner or later the mommy came and she said, “who is your new friend you are playing with Sally?” Sally said, “this is John.” Then an Indian came and said may I have some food. The end! 

Because I couldn’t coach her at all about her story, I just had to simply end it that way! I thought it was so cute and funny! She was very serious about her story, and wanted to show it off to everyone in the family so we proudly displayed her picture and story on our art wall. Pictures of that coming soon! I hope you enjoyed her story about Sally!

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