What if you let go?

What if what you’re holding on to is an anchor. What if the thing you are refusing to let go of is the one thing keeping you stuck?

It doesn’t matter how much you steer, Redirect the sail, push or pull. Nothing is giving. You’re not moving. Maybe because you have an anchor.

Let’s talk about what an anchor is. An anchor, by definition, can have several meanings. In this case, we will use the definition to secure something in place firmly.

When a captain drops an anchor, the purpose is to prevent the ship from drifting away from its current location. When this is done purposefully, it serves an essential purpose. However, this could be a hindrance when moving or changing direction.

If you have a desire, goal, or something you are trying to accomplish and yet you are getting nowhere, it could be you have an anchor in your life. Identifying anchors can be challenging because they present as something that is needed or provides security. They show up as things you can’t let go of or live without. These anchors can be family, jobs, habits, thoughts, etc. You could feel like I need my job. It provides me with security and stability. My job is how I support myself; however, your job also feels heavy and weighted, keeping you stuck. You aren’t progressing forward; you are sitting in one spot, floating in circles, trying to figure out how to create change.

How to identify anchors:
Anchors are heavy. They weigh you down. They keep you stuck. They are typically areas of your life where you feel a sense of heaviness. No matter what, you can’t get ahead in this area. No significant changes are being made despite your best efforts. There is a feeling of being burdened whenever you have to think about or deal with this area of your life. You’re constantly wondering what to do and how to do it. Sometimes you feel that if you could let go or move on from this thing, life may be better, but the counter feeling is you need this thing. Sure your job pays the bills and provides you with essential life needs, but it also sometimes makes you feel physically sick. You’re unmotivated about tasks given, feel drained when working, and daydream about doing something different. You love your brother, but you feel tense and on edge when you are around them. You never feel like you can be organic and yourself around them. You feel exhausted and drained after all your encounters. Secretly you think life would be better if you didn’t have a relationship with them. But you worry about what will happen if you confront them about your feelings or leave the relationship altogether.

Anchors have a way of making you feel safe, all while keeping you stuck. Without you might go adrift, unable to plant yourself when needed, but with it, you can’t move forward or progress. Sounds like a catch-22, right?

This is the funny thing about faith and blind faith. Sometimes faith requires us to cut the anchor loose and rely solely on faith, believing that The Universe will provide and that what we need next will show up in perfect timing. Most people, including myself, struggle with this type of faith. It’s easy to have faith if we see a glimpse of the next stair or know there is another stair, but we don’t know where it will take us. We tell ourselves this is faith taking the step but not knowing where the step will lead. We might take a huge risk if we know we have a safe place to land. Quit the job if we know we can move home, get another job somewhere else, or have a huge nest egg that will keep us safe if we fail. We call this faith. And, while yes, this is a form of faith, blind faith is cutting the anchor and setting sail, not knowing if you will end up where you’re trying to go and how you will stop if you land where you wanted to land, I mean you cut your anchor! It’s the kind of faith where both sides are scary and unknown. There is no “real” safe choice or backup plan. Blind faith is unbearable and frightening.

What if The Universe simply waits for you to cut the anchor? What if the anchor is the weight? What if the moment you have blind faith, the tides part, and the miracle finally happen? What if your destination is an island, you won’t even need an anchor. You will sail directly into the island, crash into your blessing?

What if you let go…

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