Halloween…Back tracking

Since I had been such a bad blogger I decided I needed to play catch up, and back track. So although it’s Christmas time, here are our Halloween pictures! LOL Because we live in the South and Halloween fell on a Sunday it was a big to do on when Halloween would be celebrated. :/ I am from the midwest and i’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but Halloween is a big deal at home. We love it!! It’s a time for kids and adults to dress up and just be kids. Everyone is friendly and neighborly. I don’t feel we are less religious or spiritual at home because of this, but either way to each his own. So we decided as a family rather than deal with the hoopla, we would celebrate in a different way this year! So on Thursday through Saturday we did all the community activities and then on Halloween we carved our pumpkin, made pumpkin seeds, and made smores! Believe it or not my kids LOVED it. May have officially started a new tradition. I didn’t really miss trick or treating like I thought would. Could be that we had 3 days of trick or treating and partying. hmmm 
Big Baby and Baby holding up their ribbons they won best costume at a party

My little tinker bell! 

Little Mama all smiles
Little Mama playing ring toss! 
Big baby doing some painting at our local grocery store party! 

Big baby being goofy with his glasses on! 

Showing each other some love at the pumpkin patch

Cleaning out that pumpkin! 

Relaxing by the fire and roasting marsh mellows! 

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