Learning and reflecting about Martin Luther King Jr

Happy Birthday to the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Words cannot express how we feel about this man! All week we have been talking and reflecting on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. My oldest who pretty much knows all he can know about him wrote his own I have a dream speech for his writing class, Bossy read a book on him, colored some pictures, and then drew a  picture and wrote a sentence on how Dr. King has impacted her life. At 7 years old she understood that if it wasn’t for Dr. King her and her best friend would not be friends today because they would not be allowed to play. Over the years we have visited some of the historical places of Dr. King to further our education on his life and legacy. Here are a few pictures from our journey’s!
This is me at the Lorraine Hotel were Dr. King was killed. If you have not had a chance to visit this historical place I strongly suggest you do! It was so moving. To see the room that he spent his last moments in and to see it exactly how he left it brought tears to my eyes.

These are the cars that were parked outside the hotels Dr. Kings car. How amazing is that.

This is my son standing in front of Dr. Kings grave in Atlanta. We had the pleasure of visiting his museum there as well as his church. We have a friend who’s mother attends his church regularly. My son Loved this trip and it was a moving moment for him to stand by his grave. He is looking forward to his chance to visit the Lorraine Hotel!

Our intention was to take the kids to the Lorraine hotel this year, for Dr. Kings birthday, but we decided to post pone and wait for my little brother to accompany us on that trip! So this year we went to our local science center to learn about Dr. King and many other famous Black Americans. I promise no matter how much I think I know I continue to learn everyday another reason why I love homeschooling my children. This is Jayden at the what did blacks create table. Here she is in front of the mini refrigerator! I had no clue that this was a Black American invention! Wow what did I learn in history again? Oh yea that blacks were slaves, freed, then came Martin Luther King Jr. Another reason I homeschool my children. I want them to have not only a full understanding of History, but a strong understanding of their  own history.

After walking around and learning all about Dr. King, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and so many other great Black Americans, we took some time out to play! This is Bossy and CB climbing the rock wall.

Here is Little mama playing with the train set! Although we didn’t make our way to Memphis or back to Atlanta to visit Dr. Kings house we still made sure to enrich our children in learning more about Dr. King and reflecting on his great works and all that he did for our nation not only Blacks but SOOO many other cultures and races! There has yet to be another like him, and we are thankful for him!

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