Two down 7 to go!

We are back in the swing of things. We officially started back on Monday which is when Jay attends her tutorial. I spent Monday redecorating our class. I feel like we have so much more room now. So I can check that item off my list. Our schedule has changed and so far it is really working for us. I was having such a difficult time with my babies participating during school that it was distracting to Jay. So I moved school to nap time. This has worked great for us. I was a little worried that Jay wouldn’t want to do School in the afternoon, but she is so happy that she doesn’t have to take naps anymore, and she love the fact that it’s just me and her! So she actually does her work, and gets done pretty quickly. We are now only taking about an hour to complete our actual work. I don’t have to stop and tend to the babies, I can focus totally on her. Once we finish she will usually color or do something fun pertaining to school for about thirty minutes. I love it, and  I hope that we continue on this schedule. So our school time has moved from 10-12 to 2-4! I can run errands in the mornings or do activities. This week we have been going out for playtime from 10-12. This wears the babies out. They come home eat lunch and are down for the naps between 1 and 1:30. We then start school! I am still working on Tot school. What my gut is telling me is Monday’s will be our official tot school day since Jay is at her tutorial. What I am struggling with is One day a week really enough for them or do they need more time? That will come in do time. I am just happy that I have two things marked off my list. Let’s pray that I stick with it!! 

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