Merry Christmas

And so Christmas is over! We had a great Christmas. We usually wake up our kids early in the morning, but they refuse to go to sleep and stayed up until about 3 am. Shockingly they were up at 8a.m! Everyone opened up their gifts and then we stuffed ourselves silly. We got some great deals this christmas, I must say. Many of things we got were shareable toys, well maybe not Bradly’s Harley. My husband was dead set on on our Baby boy getting a jeep like daddy’s until he saw the price tag! He was excited when he saw they had Harley’s and not only did they have them they were 50% off. So he had to get him one! As he likes to say one of the men in this house needs a Harley. I will live through my son. 🙂 My husband is the greatest I have to brag on him for a moment. I was surprised with a nintendo DS which I really wanted. I played this game at a friend house and next to reading it is my therapy! On top of my DS he got me first Tiffany’s item a return to Tiffany’s classic Bracelet. I was in shock. We usually have a pack that we will not buy each other gifts during Christmas and he is pretty good a keeping that pact. I usually get him gifts from the kids, just to show him how much we appreciate everything that he does. This year he told me that all that I do does not go unnoticed and because I have worked overtime and above and beyond the call of duty he wanted to show me how much he does notice and appreciate it! One thing my husband and I have learned is that NEXT Christmas is not guaranteed so we try to celebrate every Christmas like it will be our last Christmas together. So hugs and kisses to him! These past few days we have been relaxing around the house enjoying each other as a family! It has been great. And although we do exchange gifts on Christmas we use this time to reflect as a family not only over the past year, but over our history. We use to this time to discuss the bible and all that it means to us. We try to gain a better understanding of what this time means to us as a family. We make plans for the upcoming year, and what we would like to improve on this time next year, as well as what we want to keep around. We use this time to be thankful and to give back to others in anyway we can be it service, financial, spiritual, or emotional. I make my kids clean out their toy bins and give things away before they get more. They have to understand there is a such thing  as too much. We don’t waist food during the holidays as we understand their is family they may not have food to eat. So yes for the last 3 days we have only been eating leftovers! Waist not want not. We probably have one more day of supply left! This is the only time my husband will eat leftovers! So I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas/happy holiday. I hope that your Holiday was special to you and that you had peace, joy, and happiness during your holiday time! Pictures to follow! 

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