So today was Jay first day at her new “school” She started a tutorial for homeschool kids at a place called shepherd’s heart. I figured this would give her a chance to have the feel of a classroom setting, meet some great people, and get a breather from mommy! This would also give me a day off from teaching and be able to spend some one on one time with the babies. It’s once a week on Monday’s. I must say I was very sad when I left her today. It’s so funny how we scream that we need a break and then the moment we go to drop them somewhere we are sad, and don’t want to leave them. She was a little nervous starting today and wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay, but I encouraged her to stay and it would be okay. She is getting to the age where she is realizing color and sometimes it’s concerns her when she is the only “brown” person somewhere. I explained to her that that was okay to be the first one, and only one and that she would make so many friends and she was special because she was the first brown person somewhere or only. That this could be a good thing, and not a bad thing. So that made her feel good. I can’t wait to hear how her day went today. This will give us a chance to have something to talk about outside of our homeschool. Daddy will usually ask her how day was at school, but now I can ask to and she can be excited to tell me about her day! So the babies are taking their nap and I am relaxing! Me and Jay usually use nap time to have our girl time, but we can do that Tuesday through Friday. Monday nap time will be mommies time! 

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