First week of school. Complete

So today marked our first complete week of school! YAY! The week went really well, we ran into a few bumps which is to be expected. I have decided to switch our schedule as well as some of our curriculum. We will be using Abeka for phonics, writing, and Math as well as Code and Horizons. We will be practicing the CM teachings for spelling, history, science, and LA! We will also be using time4learning as a  review of our teachings. We started that today. I am glad to say that Jay is not complaining about school infact she loves it! On thursday she only did time4learning and she said “hey we didn’t have school today. I  explained to her not everyday is going to consist of you sitting down at desk, our school is different. That excited her. We named our school Freedom Academy of Student Teachers which we call FAST for short home of the Cole’s! So she can proudly say ” I go to FAST” when people ask her where does she go to school. I am excited to begin this journey with her and enjoy this time in her life with her as I watch her explore and learn new things, I will be there by her side to witness it as I did her first words, her first steps, and so on. I will also witness her read for the first time, write in cursive the first time and so on! It is truly a blessing.