Plant Your Seeds of Dreams

My daughter recently took on growing a tomato plant. You know the ones you can grow indoors. Yes, she opted to take this project on in the start of fall. She happily did tons of research, went to the store to buy all the required materials, came home and planted her seeds. She planted 3 seeds, hoping they all would grow, but praying at least one of them does.

After she planted her seeds, she placed the soil in the sunniest place in our house. She said to me excitedly; I don’t know if I am going to be able to wait for the seeds to sprout. I might dig them up to see if they are actually growing. I explained to her she needed to be patient.

A week later, she proudly told me the seeds were sprouting. I happily asked her, “you are seeing them sprout through the dirt?” She replied, “nope I dug them up.” A few days later, a beautiful little seedling started peaking through the dirt.

This experience and exchange with my daughter spoke to me about faith. And how we are told to have the faith of a mustard seed. I have said this analogy so many times, but honestly, I never really thought much about what this commandment calls for us to do.

When we have a dream, desire, or hope. We make a plan, begin the preparations, and many of us start the work. We work intending to see our dream manifested. But this process doesn’t come easily. Often, we plant our seed, start the watering process, and when we don’t see any sprouting, we get impatient. We doubt the process. We want to dig and verify the roots of our labor are growing and sprouting.

We ask the questions, is there enough sunlight, enough water, is it too cold, not hot enough, did I buy the right soil, ect. Days, weeks, months, and sometimes years can go buy before we see any reaps of our labor, before our seed sprouts.

Like my daughter, our impatience can force us to do things that slow the process. Lacking faith that our diligence is working, we may dig in the soil searching for proof. This unnecessary digging can slow the process or worst damage it. We can’t dig up our progress, because we are impatient about the process.

We can’t dig up our progress, because we are impatient about the process.

No matter what your religious or non-religious beliefs are, we are told to believe without doubt. To have faith that whatever our heart desires, it shall come to flourish. That with hard work and faith, the seed will sprout. It is important for us to believe underneath the surface, work is happening. Things are taking place that we can’t see with our eyes, but must believe with our hearts are happening. Our job is to do the work!

Take your seed of dreams and plant it in a nourishing soil. A soil that isn’t full of doubt, negativity or fears. Place your pot somewhere safe, where it can flourish. Away from people with negative thoughts and their own personal fears. Place it where it will get plenty of sunlight. Rays of positivity, hope, love, and encouragement. Then water it with tenacity, dedication, hard work, and consistency. Then kick your feet up and watch your seed sprout into something fruitful and beautiful.

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