Jamaica me crazy

Our family trip this year consisted of us traveling internationally and going to Jamaica!! It was an awesome trip. We spent 5 days there and had an absolute blast. Although 3 of my kids have been on airplanes before they were babies and had no memory of it, so it was practically like there first time flying which made the experience even better! They were all waiting patiently for our airplane to arrive a the terminal! 
We had shirts made by creations by carla to celebrate our arrival to Jamaica each person had their nickname on the back of the shirt! It was a great gift for the kids the morning we were leaving for Jamaica. 
When we arrived the pure joy and excitement on their face to see the Caribbean Sea was truly amazing! They were amazed at how clear the water was! 

By babies enjoying the beach
what would any trip be like without “schooling” Bossy always has to express her artistic side! 
More of her artistic expression
The boys
Line Sisters

Sharing this trip with my line sisters and their families made it even better!

It’s these little things that I love about being a mom! These are the things that really matter most, and the things that our children will cherish most! 

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