Teaching Politics

With President Obama’s inauguration coming up, I thought I would do a flashback post on the elections! Of course this year in school we discussed government and the election process. It was a hot topic in our house, and my kids loved learning all about it. Because we had to do absentee ballots this year, I decided I would do a little mock voting station for my kiddos. They were so excited to vote! I love the fact that I can instill things like voting and understanding politics within them at such an early age. It is even more rewarding to see them enjoy learning and getting excited about know they will one day have the right to vote!

 I had them wait in line just like they would if they were REALLY voting! I made them wait five minutes before being allowed to vote this was a great way to teach patience!

Baby holding her voting registration card. Prior to voting we talked about the steps to being able to vote and how it is important to register to vote. At the end of the lesson they made voter registration cards! 

 You can imagine how excited they were when they finally got to enter the voters booth. We used the cards shown above as the ballots.

Bossy was excited that she was next in line! She was starting to get anxious. She had been waiting 10 minutes already!

This is her after casting her vote. They got their I voted stickers which I printed from the internet. 

 Here is BB casting his vote he was concentrating hard on making sure he marked the right candidates and party!

We all watched the election results so they could see if their candidate won! It was a great experience for my kids and they really did learn a lot. I can even say that I learned a lot about our government and the voting system through this process. Another great thing about homeschooling, I am always learning!!

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