Trip to Destin

This spring we took a trip to Destin, and it was wonderful! It was our first time going to Destin, it was beautiful and very, very family friendly! The kids loved every moment of it. I was worried that the weather wasn’t going to cooperate with us since we went in early April, but it was perfect weather. It wasn’t to hot or to cold. So we were able to sit on the beach and not burn up, but also able to enjoy the ocean water. With a family of seven you can’t fly anywhere, so we drove down. It wasn’t a bad drive. Anytime we can drive somewhere enjoy the drive, and then enjoy the vacation it is a wonderful experience! I am looking forward to our next trip to Destin!! 
The kids were super excited this, our first stop on the way down. 

I have no idea how the sand ended up there! 

Enjoying his first time on the beach! 

The kids got to do these hamster balls, which was really cool. They are Giant balls that you get inside of and run on water or at least attempt to run on water!

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