What’s for dinner?

Let’s talk about dinner for a minute! So we have been on a quest to become vegetarians or should I say semi I LOVE seafood so that is may be my weakness. But so far we have been doing a pretty good job at this at least over the last couple of weeks. I thought I would share what we had for dinner last night, and my goal is to post a what’s for dinner post at least once a week. So last night we had Meat(less) bean casserole. It was very good! Thanks to e-mealz our quest has gotten a lot easier. The casserole was a big hit with everyone in my family. Normally we have leftovers, well this time my kids were scrapping the pot. My hubby couldn’t even get seconds because the kids devoured it! I think that some people are just naturally vegetarians and I believe my kids excluding big baby are natural vegetarians. They love vegetables and every veggie meal I have cooked this far they have loved. So the journey continues…..  Check out e-mealz for more great dinner plans!

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