Harley Bike Ride

I know who would have thought that my husband would own a harley… :/ people look at him like he is crazy when he says he owns one, I mean we are under the age of 40! Lol anyway he loves his Harley and I must admit it is a little, tiny, very small part of me that likes it as well! It is definitely nice when we are able to ride together and really just enjoy nature and our time together. So recently we went on a bike ride with Harley and rode 8 hours!!! WHEW. It sounds like a long time but really it wasn’t that bad. The ride was really nice, and went it by really quickly. It was funny because we were the only blacks and the youngest couple on the ride. :0 I have to admit I was a little afraid at first, but turns out Harley riders are not like the ones you see on t.v!! They are so friendly and inviting. You have people from all walks a life to come together and share one common factor the love of bikes and riding. It’s a recipe for what the rest of the world should be like! We really did enjoy ourselves, and I would even consider doing again….gasp! 
Here I am 

My biker hubby

some of the harley riders

the other woman in my hubby life! 🙂

Look at the views! It was awesome! 

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