He’s HERE!!!

So where have I been…… delivering a baby!!! That’s right little Major arrived on March 6, 2011 at 1:43 a.m! The day after my baby shower or should I say 8 hours after my baby shower! It all began around 11 p.m on March 5th. I had just finished putting up all my wonderful gifts that I received from all my wonderful guest at my baby shower, and my husband had just said goodnight to go to bed. I started having mild contractions which I assumed were braxton hicks, because I had been having braxton hicks pretty frequently over the last few weeks especially when I am active throughout the day. My friend and I were sitting and talking and the mild pains continued to come. I thought maybe I need to use the bathroom. LOL Because as you all know sometimes you can be crampy when you need to go potty. 🙂 so I tried using the bathroom nothing. So I decided to sit and rest thinking they will go away. At about 11:30 the aches were still there. My friend suggested that I time them, but I said no I’m fine it’s just braxton hicks. After she left, I decided why not use the app that I have that times and counts contractions, just for fun! 🙂 So I laid in bed with my little app and begin to time my “braxton hicks.” They were coming about 7 min apart, and they begin to come a little stronger. So I got out of bed and begin to walk around. All I could think was man these braxton hicks refuse to go away. At midnight they were coming stronger and about 5 min apart I decided to wake my hubby up! I said to him, I’m in pain. A phrase I used quite often the last few days. His response “did  you do your exercises” LOL I had been having pelvic pain the past few days so he assumed that is what I meant. I said to him not that kind of pain, contractions kind of pain! He jumped up out of bed, should we call Kathy(our midwife) was his next question. Me still thinking that I was having braxton hicks said no, I think they are going to ease up, it just hurts really bad. At about 12:25 the pains were worse and about 3 min aparts! OK LETS CALL KATHY is what I finally said. 
We called Kathy and she assessed my pain level over the phone, via my screams through a contraction and decided she better head my way. She lives about an hour from us and told me that it may not be for a few hours until I had him, but she was on her way. My husband turns to me and says “it’s showtime!” 🙂 We decided to blow up our pool and feel it water, as I planned on having my water birth this time! We begin to call friends and family to let them know I was in labor, as expected no one answered their phone. At 1:15 I got into the pool to try and relax the contractions were strong, hard, and frequent! At 1:25 I got out of the pool because the urge to push was strong,  and I remembered from Sidney when I want to push it is time. My Midwife was still about 20 min away. My urge to push was soooooo strong! My hubby called up Kathy and explained that I wanted to push. She stayed on the phone with us and coached me through my breathing so that I wouldn’t push. At 1:35 she pulled up at our house, I was screaming I want to push I want to push! At 1:37 she darted into my room and said ok I’m here you can push. That’s all I needed to hear….. I was pushing! At 1:43 Major entered the world!!! 
This was the fastest labor and delivery I ever had! He was not playing. My husband was so happy that my midwife made it. He was thinking oh lord I’m going to have to deliver another baby! If I hadn’t called her when I did and if she would have stopped for coffee, he would have had too. It all worked out so amazingly! He was 7pounds, 19 1/2 inches long, and perfect! To hear him cry was soooo amazing! Sadly it all happened so fast that I didn’t get to catch his delivery on camera. 😦 But I will never ever forget hearing his cry, and seeing his face for the first time! I am so in love with him, and I plan on cherishing every single moment with him. He is truly a special little boy! 

getting weighed! 

 on his way to his first doctor visit! 

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