Second batch of Diapers!

I received my second shipment of cloth diapers! So exciting!!! I pondered on ordering these diapers for days, then I decided after reading many, many reviews that I would try them. These are Charlie Banana Cloth diapers. I ordered them from target, yep who would have guessed that target sells cloth diapers. You can only get them online though. I decided to go with the set instead of ordering just one. I must say I am glad that I did. After looking at them and playing with them, I really think they are going to love these diapers. They are super soft, and very easy to adjust. From what I can see they seem much easier than the fuzzi bunz that ordered a few weeks ago. Stay tuned as I keep you up to date on my cloth diapering experience. I plan on doing a review when my little one arrives on the diapers that I have chosen!!!

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