Super science (dinosaurs)

As usual we had another great time at super science! The kids got to learn all about dinosaurs!!! How fascinating. I will say I am still a little skeptical about the whole dinosaur thing, but it is still very interesting to learn about! This also helped with their understanding of jurassic park, yes they have watched that movie, more than once! It’s educational. :/ Their science teacher did reference the movie when describing certain dinosaurs so it was good that they had a visual to go along with the lesson he was giving. 
They got to make dinosaur teeth, which was really cool. I love how they always get to bring a part of their lesson home with them, it gives us a chance to reflect. 

They had to wait patiently on their teeth mode to set

 This was the final outcome of their teeth! This is a sharp tooth which means she had a carnivore tooth! 

The main object of the science class was to learn about being an archeologist and digging for bones, in order to learn more about history and our ancestors. So the kids got to dig for dinosaur bones.  

Once they found all of their bones they constructed a dinosaur to see which dinosaur they had found! Once again another fun and educational class! It’s no mystery why my kids LOVE science! 

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