Arrival of Diapers!

So I ordered my first set of cloth diapers! In my previous post I talked about how excited I was to get the best bottom diaper . Which I am still very excited to try these diapers, however I decided I would do a little trial pack of several different types of diapers before settling in on one, especially since this our first time cloth diapering. So I order one best bottom diaper, one all in one bum genius elemental diaper, one thirsties pocket diaper, and one fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper! They are all so cute, and they all look super easy to use, I suppose it’s just going to be a matter of preference and what works best for our family! I ordered them all from Nicki Diapers and got them super fast! I was very impressed with the shipping. Now all I need is a little baby to put in my diapers! As soon as we begin to use them, I will post my thoughts and reviews on which one works best for our family!

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