Art Show

All things creative! So the kids had their art show at school and it was a lot of fun. They got to show off their art work they had been working so hard on! They also got to make really cool Christmas ornaments which smell so good. All you need to make these is cinnamon and applesauce! That’s it. Use one Cup of Cinnamon and One Cup of applesauce mix it together in a mixing bowl, then roll out the dough and cut with your favorite cookie cutter shapes! They smell soooo good! They will also last year after year. We made these ornaments at home also. 
Brad and Sid Making their ornaments

Here is Jay display of her of her art work

Jay making her ornament. Of course she has to be super detailed!! 🙂

These are the cutest things to me! Sid and Brad  art work. I love these! I must say they are little angels! 

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