Super Science Wednesday!

This year we decided to do super science which I am SOOO glad that we did. We didn’t get to do it last year. It’s a science class for homeschool kids that meets on Wednesday and they do a different science project when they meet. It’s an awesome concept and the science teacher is awesome! So often I get blank stares and weird stares when I say I homeschool my children. People have so many opinions and I often here things like don’t they need socialization. Well this past week for all those skeptics I say to them, how many 2nd graders get to dissect a frog……. HA! That’s exactly what we did at super science Bossy got to dissect her very first frog, and she LOVED it. When I say loved, I mean LOVED in all CAPS! She dived in head first and got to work. Many of the parents were amazed at how she wasn’t grossed out about the smell or taking out the organs. Once she was done dissecting the frog, she says to me “I’m hungry, you want to get something to eat?” My mouth dropped open I’m thinking you want to eat after doing this!?! She proudly told me that she wants to be an operator surgeon. She said we needed to put those organs back into the frog, that’s what I want to do. Her daddy said, she will probably be a corner working in her own morgue. I thought thanks honey for that! No matter what she decides to do with her life I am so glad that she gets to experience so many things that many kids do not and sadly will not! 

Super science is just another way to do that. It is an awesome concept and there were so many kids there. As for now we have tutorial on Monday, P.E on Tuesday, science on Wednesday, and Field trip Friday! Our week is jammed packed, and the school year is in full speed! So I say to all the naysayers about homeschooling, call me when your child dissects a frog, until then I will continue to nourish my children’s curiosity and encourage them to experience as many different things as they can. By the time your child is dissecting a frog, my children will have moved on to finding a cure for cancer…HA! 🙂 

Patiently waiting for the frog
The frog
Making her first cut into the frog

Removing the eggs from this female frog 
The eggs from the frog

Examining the stomach of the frog

All the frog organs

the inside of a female frog

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