Bradly first "football" game!

The day finally arrived for Bradly to have his very first football game! We were so excited, we have been waiting for this day for about two years! And although we don’t know yet if he will LOVE soccer,  it sure is fun and exciting watching him play. After two practices, he really didn’t understand the concept of the game just yet, but once the game was in full affect he was all over the ball. You can imagine Daddy’s delight in watching him play soccer, of course all he kept saying was how long until basketball and handball, football! I will say to be the youngest on the field and a newbie he is catching on pretty fast to the game. Yes I call it football, I have no idea why Americans say soccer, I mean it really is football. Besides Bradly understands better when I say no hands in football! Lol We had a great time and we are looking forward to his next football soccer game.

Getting ready to kick off the ball
At first he was lost and had no clue…..
But suddenly he realized how to play….. He was all over the ball
He was hot and sweaty
Relaxing after a hard game!

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