Let Freedom Sing

Did I mention that 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday! I love everything about it the bbq, the family get together’s, the games, and the FIREWORKS! Every year I get so excited about the 4th of July! This year I decided to do something different. We spent the Fourth at the community cook out! There was swimming at the rec center, then bouncing, then fireworks! On Monday we Popped our own Fireworks, which was great because we got a spectacular deal on some GREAT fireworks! All in all it was a great way to celebrate our freedom not only as Americans, but as Black Americans! It so important to me for my children to understand and know what a blessing it is to be free in America! I want them to celebrate that and rejoice.
Bossy climbing the ropes, she is so athletic!
Big Baby enjoying the water! You would never guess he use to scream every time we came to the pool, now he is a better swimmer than Baby!
Of course Big Baby had to hit the ball at the bouncers! He loves all things balls!
Baby sliding down the slide!
Of course Baby loves the water, and she was so excited to be swimming without her life jacket!
D.j and Collin getting ready for fireworks
Baby was so tired after all the events she couldn’t keep her head up. It was the cutest thing ever!
The kids enjoying sprinklers at home at our after party on the 5th!

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