Bike riding turned adventure.

This past weekend we were invited to a bbq, and we decided we would be environmentally friendly and ride our bikes. They only live about a mile and half away from us. We packed up the whole family and headed out on our bikes, little did we know rain was in the forecast! The weather man had said a 10 percent chance of LIGHT showers. About midway down the road it started pouring down raining. We were too far from home to turnaround and too far away to keep pedaling. So we found shelter at a nearby church, and prayed that rain passed. We were all drenched. 
The babies couldn’t decide if they were excited or upset about riding in the rain! Poor Bradly was in a trailer so he got all his dad’s back splash from the wheel. 
Here we all are less my husband who took the picture taking shelter under the church pavilion. 
Of course D.J and Collin loved every minute of it! 
Once the rain passed, we headed back on our journey. When we were five minutes away from our destination, it begin to pour down raining again! We arrived at the bbq soak and wet. Everyone couldn’t believe we had just rode our bikes in a thunderstorm! But hey that’s why we are non-traditional! This will be a story that our kids will tell their kids! Memories like these you can’t make up nor forget. So although my hair was ruined, and I was drenched I had a great time building memories like these with my kids! 

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