A veggie night!

Last night I decided to have a veggie night! As I stated in recent post, we are trying to slowly remove ourselves from meat or at least get down to eating only fish. It is definitely a work in progress and a journey. My eldest daughter wants to be a chef when she grows up, so I promised her I would buy her a cook book and we would cook our way through it! Kinda like the movie julia and julia! She has been holding me to it. I haven’t bought the cook book yet, but we have been preparing meals together. I have always wanted to make a homemade pizza so I decided to go through with it! We had SO MUCH FUN!! In fact I think we are going to have an official pizza night every week it was so much fun. Not to mention the pizza was delicious, and whole lot cheaper than ordering one. We made a veggie salad to go with it. This time I made an asian style fruit salad. It had mango, apples, tomatoes, lots of eggs for protein, cucumber, cheese, carrots, and we used an asian sesame salad dressing. Our pizza had mushroom, green peppers, onions, and fat free cheese on it! This experience was a family affair. My son was the photographer for the evening! So I hope you enjoy his first ever photo shoot!

The kids cut up mango to put into our wonderful salad.

Daddy added the eggs, as the kids watched with such great interest! The eggs were steaming hot, and they were impressed with the fact that daddy could hold such a hot egg! The girls said daddy was a man. Then they said Big Brad was a man too, daddy had then tell them the “true” definition of a man. Someone who pays his own bills, and provides for his family! I know we have such interesting family discussions.
Princess and Bossy spreading sauce on their pizzas. They were so excited. 
Big brad put on our nice and healthy fat free cheese! 
 we put our pizza into the oven and let them bake for about 20 min or so!
 It came out just right. Perfectly crunchy and delicious.  our salad was equally as good! 
It was a great night of family fun, and a veggie dinner! Who said leaving meat behind wouldn’t be fun!!! 

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